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Why should I choose epoxy resin for my countertops?

Epoxy resin is a fantastic alternative for your countertops, vanities, shower panels and more. There is literally no limit to the number of effects, colors, styles or designs available when using epoxy resin. EPOXY RESIN DESIGNS would love the opportunity to transform your tired, worn or outdated surfaces into beautiful and unique works of art. Whether you are wanting the look of traditional marble/granite/stone or prefer to make a statement with bold and unique colors/patterns/designs, we are the solution you are looking for! The fun part is we work with you to create a design and color palette to compliment YOUR personal style and decor.

What types of surfaces can be covered with epoxy resin?

Our high quality epoxy resin and vibrant pigments are designed to be used on a number of different surfaces. The most important thing to consider before applying epoxy resin is the type of preparation needed over your existing countertops. As long as they are prepped properly, we can cover surfaces made of wood, granite, marble, Formica and even glass!

Is creating custom epoxy resin countertops expensive?

Hiring EPOXY RESIN DESIGNS for your space is very cost effective when compared to hiring someone to demolish, remove and replace your countertops with traditional stone/granite/marble surfaces. With our prices starting as low as $20/sqft you'd be hard-pressed to find an alternative high-quality product that compares. If we are pouring directly over your current countertops*, you will save even MORE time, effort and money as there is no need for the demolition and removal of old countertops. In many cases, EPOXY RESIN DESIGNS can mimic the look of real stone if that is what you're going for. After our initial consultation, we return to you with the customized sample boards that we create based upon your specific requests. This will enable you to see the colors and design within your own space prior to finalizing your decision.

*Epoxy resin can almost always be applied directly over your existing countertops with minimal surface preparation. However, if your current surfaces are not in good condition, you have the option of having us completely replace them once the old ones are removed. In this case, we came and measure your space, create a template, then build the countertop and create the epoxy resin pour in our own workshop. Once fully cured, we deliver and install your new countertops for immediate use.


How well do epoxy countertops hold up?

We at EPOXY RESIN DESIGNS insist on using the best quality epoxy resin made here in the USA. This durable resin finish holds up extremely well when compared to many others on the market as well as when compared to stone, marble and granite countertops. ​Our countertops will stand the test of time lasting for many years. If after a few years, you think it needs a pick-me-up, we can polish and buff your surface to bring back the shine. Please note countertops with a large amount of white surface like marble can amber over time. Stonecoat Countertops resin has the best uv inhibitor in the industry.  AND...if you eventually find that you'd like to change the whole look of your countertops again, we can come in and re-pour your NEW vision for you!

Is it safe to meal-prep on epoxy countertops?

Yes! In fact, you can eat right off of your epoxy resin surface! Our epoxy resin is ZERO VOC, meaning there are no volatile organic compounds released into the atmosphere or left on the surface.  Also, as long as your surface is clean, it's safe to eat on because it's 100% non-porous, and unlike stone, granite or marble countertops, it will NOT be able to trap old food particles, liquids or bacteria.


With my new epoxy resin countertop, do I still have to use a cutting board?


Although your epoxy resin countertop is extremely durable, it was not created to be used as a cutting board or chopping block. Even granite and marble surfaces will show evidence of this type of abuse over time. Be sure to use a cutting board when chopping or slicing. If however, you DO somehow leave scratches on your surface these can be lightly sanded and polished out.

How do I maintain my new epoxy resin countertop?

Unlike stone, granite or marble surfaces, EPOXY RESIN DESIGNS countertops are virtually maintenance free. With proper care, your epoxy resin surfaces will last for years. Using the right kind of cleaner will keep your countertops shiny and hygienically clean. For light cleaning you can use a non-abrasive liquid household cleaner (ie. Windex®, Myers®, Disinfectant Wipes without bleach). Whichever brand you chose to use, make sure that you do NOT use cleaners containing strong acids or bleach, as this may damage and dull the surface over time.  Never let any cleaning solution sit on the surface for an extended period of time. Wipe it with a soft cloth, sponge or paper towel. Do NOT use abrasive sponges or scouring pads.  Do not use products with wax. Using mineral or Murphy's Oil® conservatively once a month will really help keep your surface looking and feeling beautiful.

Your new surface will be stain RESISTANT, not stain PROOF, therefore, as with other surfaces like stone, granite or marble, we always recommend to wipe up any spills as they happen.

Can I place hot food or pans out of the oven directly onto my epoxy resin countertop?

The epoxy resin we use was designed to withstand direct heat of 475˚F - 500˚F.  Be aware however, that we rate this as being heat-resistant, not to be confused with heat-proof.  It is our recommendation that you place your 'hot-out-of-the-oven' items on a trivet to avoid any possible damage, regardless of how unlikely it is. If for some reason, you DO happen to place a 425˚F tray of bubbling lasagna directly onto the surface, it will be fine. Just don't let it sit there. Place it onto a towel or trivet and enjoy your meal!



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