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The Process

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Scheduling Your Appointment


The process begins when you contact us for a free consultation.

We will schedule an appointment to visit your home or business. We will bring a few samples of our work to review as we discuss the designs and color pallet you are hoping to achieve. During this visit, we will take a look at your existing countertops (if applicable) and take measurements of the surface area we will be covering/creating. This will help us determine what the project will entail in terms of preparation, design, technique and materials so that we can give you a verbal estimate before we leave.


Creating Your Sample Board(s)

If you'd like us to move forward with the process at this time, then we get to work on creating a sample board for your review. The sample board is one of the most important aspects of the process as this is how we create the perfect recipe of colors, design and technique to create a counter-top that is customized specifically to YOUR vision.  There is a charge of $25 per sample board. We typically nail down the colors and design within the first or second attempt ($25-$50). This process shouldn't take any more than 3 boards ($75). While we are creating your custom sample board we may video-call or text you photos to get your immediate feedback during the process. When the sample board is complete, we bring it to you for your approval.  If you are happy with the sample board and you hire us to do the job, we reduce your final cost by the amount that you have paid for the sample board(s). For example, if you paid for two sample boards, we will take $50 off of your balance due. If you decide NOT to proceed with Epoxy Resin Designs, then you will keep the sample board(s) for which you have already paid.

Once you have approved the sample board, we will draw up a written contract confirming the agreed price of the project for your choice of design.  Within the written contract we confirm a starting date and estimated time required for the project. At this time, we require a deposit of 1/3 of the total price. 

Preparing For Our Arrival

The big day has arrived! To begin with, if we are doing an epoxy resin pour over your existing countertops we will have asked that you please clear your countertops and surrounding areas of countertop appliances and personal effects. You will also want to remove any items from drawers or cabinets that you will need access to during the time that we are working. Once we begin, you will not be able do access the drawers and cabinets beneath the countertops until we are completely done. Depending on the scale of the job, most are completed in 3-5 days.

Creating Your Custom Countertops

We at EPOXY RESIN DESIGNS will always be courteous and respectful of your home. Upon entering your home, we place protective foot-wear over our shoes to protect your floors.


Day 1: We use plastic sheeting and painter's tape to protect your cabinets, kitchen appliances, backsplash and floors to catch any pigments and resin drippings. We then prepare the surface by sanding and applying a coat of bonding agent, followed by 2 coats of paint and primer, (lightly sanding in between each coat). At the end of Day 1, the next 1/3 payment is due.

Day 2: This is when the magic happens! We begin by mixing the epoxy resin and adding the desired quantity of colored pigments, (as well as paints and glitter when applicable). Note: at this time all pets must be removed from the room. We would hate for your cat to jump up on your counters and into the resin! Depending on the ingredients being used to create your desired effect, we may be mixing spray-paints into the resin and therefore you will smell a strong odor but this is only temporary and should disperse rather quickly. As we pour liquid resin, we will be using certain tools and techniques to manipulate the patterns and effects to create your dream counter surface!

The remainder of our work on Day 2 will consist of constantly checking the wet resin surface for anything that may fall into it during the first critical hours of the curing process, such as dust particles, hairs, insects, etc. While we are observing the resin surface, we will clean up what we can, but keep in mind that our materials and work surfaces will need to remain in place.  This is why we recommend that you are prepared to dine out or order in your meals during this entire process.  Once we feel that the curing process has progressed enough to no longer leave drips, we will leave it to set overnight. We will strongly recommend that you use your kitchen lights as little as possible. The reason for this is because at night-time, insects like flies, gnats and no-seeums will be drawn toward the bright light that is reflecting onto the resin surface. Keeping your kitchen lights off will help ensure that we will not have to sand down the surface when we return the next day. 

Day 3: This is the day when we will will pour the "flood coat".  The Flood Coat is what will give your countertops the durability that you should expect from our product. Because there are no additional chemicals or pigments in this coat, (just the epoxy resin), your surface will be smooth like glass and durable like granite.  And it is 100% non-porous as well, so you do not have to worry about germs or bacteria getting trapped in tiny pockets like your would with granite or marble.

IMPORTANT:  When we pour this final coat, we ask that all fans, AC vents and doors around this area be kept closed to stop the air from being pushed over the surface.  We then again watch over the resin for a couple of hours, removing any debris from the surface and the drips from the edge. Once again, we then leave the resin to set overnight. (You can re-open your A/C vents approximately 8 hours after we leave.)

Day 4: This is cleanup day! Upon arrival, we remove all tape and plastic sheeting and clean up the remainder of our product and materials.  Once you have signed off on our work, the final 1/3 payment is due minus any Sample Board costs.

Initial Use of Your New Custom Countertops


The epoxy resin at this time is still considered relatively "soft". After 48-72 hours any stove worktops or faucets (if previously removed) can be re installed, being cautious of the edges while re-inserting. After 72 hours you can carefully begin to use your new stunning countertops. For the first week, we strongly recommend that you do not set small kitchen appliances on the surface and that you do not leave cups, cans, drinking glasses, etc to sit on top for long periods of time, as they can leave marks.  After one week the resin will have hardened a great deal, but we recommend that care is still taken while using your countertops.  After 30 days the countertops will be fully cured and can be used as you would use granite or marble countertops.  Please be sure to read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for more information regarding the care of your beautiful new, one-of-a-kind countertops!

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