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Epoxy Resin Designs LLC is owned and operated by husband and wife team Andrew & Kelly Anne Roberts.

Kelly is a professional artist and currently works out of her studio 'Seascape Art by Kan' located in Fort Myers, FL. Locally, she is known as the "Flip-Flop Lady" due to her unique Flip-Flop art & Paint Parties. At these fun and creative parties Kelly enthusiastically teaches guests how to paint beautiful seascapes on giant wooden flip-flops and other shapes. She also paints LIVE every weekend at her studio. You can check out her Seascape artwork by visiting her facebook page seascape art by kan.

Kelly's clients had full trust that she could revive anything with her creativity, so they started bringing in tired and worn tables and other furniture asking her to "please bring it back to life!"  Understanding that these pieces would be used on a daily bases, she knew they had to be not only beautiful, but also remain durable. 


When Kelly realized that the epoxy resin medium allows for infinite beautiful colored pigments, inks, spray paints, glitter, sand, seashells and whatever else she could find that would compliment her pieces., she simply fell in love with this new avenue of art. Thus began her progression into the world of epoxy resin.

Andrew too, found the technique quite interesting and couldn't resist giving it a try himself. In no time at all he found that he enjoyed the process so much, that for their 11th Wedding Anniversary he surprised Kelly with two plane tickets and a get-a-way trip to Texas for an intense hands-on workshop hosted by Rhonda Dracoulis of RK3 Designs, one of the top epoxy resin professionals in the business.

Upon their return from Texas, Andrew and Kelly got busy putting everything they learned about epoxy resin into practice. They quickly began showcasing and selling dining tables, bar stools, benches, end tables, coffee tables and even clocks.  Soon kitchen counters and vanities were added to their repertoire of epoxy resin pieces, now becoming their main focus. The Sample Board Gallery showcases many of their epoxy resin designs.

As Kelly's focus is mainly on the artistic and creative side of Epoxy Resin Designs Llc, Andrew manages the day-to-day business side, as well as the custom resin pours on existing countertops and vanities. He also organizes the woodwork and custom builds of the countertops and tabletops as requested by their clients.


Andrew and Kelly have been entrepreneurs together since 2009. They are a great  combination of work ethic, friendly customer care and that all-important attention to detail required for customer satisfaction on every single project.  As Andrew says, "Our valued clients entrust their homes to us to enhance and add something original and bespoke to their personal taste. We spend time with each client to learn as much as we can about the look and 'feel' of what they are hoping to achieve.  Then we take their vision and make it our goal.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Epoxy Resin Designs Llc.  Enjoy browsing the site and then feel free to contact us to discuss your epoxy resin needs.

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